Welcome to the second edition of Wall Woes IMP Word Wednesday! Today’s word is:


(not to be confused with, “I’m bi-curious”)

definition: having little or no money; penniless; poor.

IMP word improperly implemented: “My impecunious choice of words makes for some awkward situations.”

Last Friday in Wall Woes IMP Word Wednesday‘s inauguration post, I featured a FAQ segment to answer all the questions that you would have asked me if you were me. I’ve since grown keen to the idea of having some kind of special feature in every week’s IMP Word post.

This week, I’ve identified what may be the most impressive display of bad taste I’ve seen or heard anywhere. My personal record on this song is three seconds past the minute mark. That’s when my brain turns to cauliflower.  Please, save yourself the headache do not watch the following video.


Do you hear that?

It’s the winds, of change. That’s right, shit is going down! Allow me to introduce an exciting new addition to the Wall Woes lineup. I present to you:

Wall Woes’ IMP Word Wednesday!

Week #1 – imp

definition: a little devil or demon

IMP word improperly implemented: “I blame my shoulder imp for tricking me into blogging and building art for a living.

Now, before you go asking questions and criticizing prematurely, please read the Falsely Anticipated Questions section below.


Really? Wall Woes’ IMP Word Wednesday?

As you know, the name of my first stARTup (stARTup!) is “IMPARTWORKS,” so I recently came up with the brilliant idea to use an IMP word in the title of each of my designs. For example, my hanging wall planter might be called, “Implanter.” While the definitions of my titles may be impertinent to the design, initially imparting confusion, the impending impassioning impact of this subtly imported imposition should leave an imperishable impression.

Naturally, the next step was to elaborate on this absurdity. And so it was, that Wall Woes’ IMP Word Wednesday came into existence.

What happens when you run out of IMP words to name your art?

Impossible! Well, improbable.

Aren’t there several definitions for the word “imp?”

You seem to have mistaken my blog for a dictionary.

It’s Friday.

That’s not a question. And I really don’t like Wednesdays, except for that somebody coined them “hump day.” In fact, I’m partial to Wednesday being my least favorite day of the week, so Wall Woes’ IMP Word Wednesday will actually take place every Thursday¬†from here on out.

What’s with all the cartoon references?

Back off!

Is that a mud flap?

Are you a detective?