Projects [beta]

proj·ect [n. proj-ekt] – A general term used to describe anything I do, or think I might do later on.

Wall Woes – Status: Ongoing – Details: here.

Current Personal Projects

Online Courses

  • Learn SEO fundamentals on – in progress (delayed)
  • Learn fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator on – (in progress)
  • Learn Adobe Fireworks on
  • Learn on – complete (6/18/13)


  • Create a gallery page to showcase all my digital image creations – complete
  • Design all illustrations for Wall Woes and related projects from here on out – ongoing
  • Create my first blog illustration! – complete (epic fail!)


  • Design logo – in progress
  • Design website – in progress
  • Have one piece displayed in at least 2 restaurants or places of business by June 30, 2013 – failed 
  • Have one piece displayed in at least 2 restaurants or places of business by July 31, 2013 – in progress (1 down)
  • Take part (my own tent) in a street fair or farmer’s market by the end of September 2013 – planning
  • Break down costing for 3 designs – in progress

Business Projects

  1. IMPARTWORKS – Status: Development – This is my brand, and the alias for any creative extension of Wall Woes that requires a name.
    • Launch a Kickstarter project that achieves funding – Status: brainstorming
  2. Dwell Done – Status: Idea/Development – I’m not sure where I’m going with this one yet but you’ll be the first to know once I figure it out.
  3. Exponent – Status: Idea – Top Secret Organization!

Last updated: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 12:36 MDT


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