Wall Woes’ W’s


So far, it’s just me, Sacha, the man behind the Wall. Woes. I’m a curious piece of work, so far insatiable in the grand scheme of things. The source of my high expectations, especially of myself, is unknown. My track record of personal achievements since the 3rd grade is unimpressive at best; my college graduation being the anticlimax of it all. Fortunately, I’ve experienced moments of freedom that have allowed me to analyze my life from a different angle. I call these moments, “leaving the United States.” I love my home, but there’s nothing quite like a culture cocktail to get you drunk on life. Forgive my impulsive behavior, I’m still a bit tipsy.


Wall Woes is the first day of the rest my life — my very first official career move. This website is my custom digital multi-tool, contrived and created to facilitate my transition from old attitudes and habits to new ones. It is my virtual home base, and the actual home to all accounts of my progress from here on out. It is an adventure, complete with all the joys, risks, and challenges necessary to keep myself on track as I pursue my options for a sustainable mobile lifestyle.


Right here! You’re lookin’ at it. Tag this drop of water so that you don’t lose it in the infinite sea of blogs and websites out there. Follow it through its digital life cycle and let its natural course guide you along your own way.


WordPress gave birth to this beautiful baby blog on April 29, 2013. The events leading up to its conception are a bit of a blur. My relationship with Blogger had lost its flare, and one thing led to another. I only vaguely remember the dark hostel dorm room that night in Estelí, Nicaragua.

In spite of it being unplanned, I have decided to keep it. I just can’t bring myself to give it up. I will do what I can to help it grow, but I understand that the learning curve is steep and I will make mistakes.

I anticipate that it will outlive me. I will care for it until I am no longer able, at which point the fruits of my labor will, in turn, support me. Until then, expect a new post every week on an arbitrary day at an incidental time.

Why Wall Woes?

I have needs: I need structure. I need deadlines. I need to share ideas. I need to write. I need constructive criticism. I need online credibility. I need to launch a successful start-up. I need a network of unsuspecting customers (shhhh). I need to track my progress. I need to document everything else that’s relevant. I need feedback. I need something to be über excited about.

Why “Wall Woes?”

Figuratively, “Wall Woes” represents my struggle to identify and overcome the barriers and mental blocks that have previously thwarted my ability to find purpose in my life.

Literally, “Wall Woes” hints at the primary issue that will be addressed by the aforementioned start-up of mine that this blog was created (in part) to promote.

All things considered, “Wall Woes” is the irony of building success on a foundation made up of prior setbacks.


2 thoughts on “Wall Woes’ W’s

  1. Love it, man. I see a lot of myself in this post. Don’t think I missed the network of unsuspecting consumers remark! Too funny. Well, nice to virtually cross paths. Perhaps we’ll cross paths along a wooded path or jumping out of a plane some day. Keep that adventurous spirit alive and well. Cheers.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I need to jump out of more planes actually. I tried commenting on your resolutions post about 17 times yesterday and it kept getting rejected. You must have some kind of filter that deems inappropriate the fact that the five months you have left to tie the knot this year is twice the average pre-marriage dating cycle of Mormons here in Utah. Just sayin’.

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